In 1996, Congress told EPA to set up an Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program and get to work identifying and regulating endocrine disruptor.  Finally, EPA has completed the first tier of screening tests and issued a report:

"Of the 52 chemicals evaluated, there was no evidence for potential interaction with any of the endocrine pathways for 20 chemicals, and for 14 chemicals that showed potential interaction with one or more pathways, EPA already has enough information to conclude that they do not pose risks.  Of the remaining 18 chemicals, all 18 showed potential interaction with the thyroid pathway, 17 of them with the androgen pathway, and 14 also potentially interacted with the estrogen pathway."

 34 of 52 TIER 1 chemicals do NOT pose risks of endocrine disruption

The next step is to conduct more in-depth testing (Tier 2) on the remaining 18 chemicals.

Most of the chemicals are pesticides. For the two solvent chemicals on the list, acetone and isophorone, “there was no convincing evidence of potential interaction with the estrogen, androgen or thyroid pathways.”  (All of the chemicals have some toxicity and some risk other than endocrine disruption.)

So calm down, not every chemical is messing with hormone systems.  Screening can work.

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