Enabling manufacturers to meet their EHS vision

with innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

NOTICE: EHS STRATEGIES, INC. IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS AS OF 9/30/2015. For 10 years, EHS Strategies, Inc. was an environmental, health and safety consulting company, helping businesses of all sizes improve compliance performance and work toward sustainability using the principles of life cycle management and product stewardship. This website provides information on these topics for your background.

gjPresident and principal Georjean L. Adams, retired.  She worked collaboratively to identify client needs, build a focused strategy, and implement systems at a pace that suits the client's business.  Georjean provided expert guidance customized to the size of a company and its stage of sustainability planning.

Georjean is on my speed dial list for when I need practical solutions to my complex environmental issues. - Don Bezek, Global Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, Donaldson Company Inc.


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