Enabling manufacturers to meet their EHS vision

with innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions.

NOTICE: EHS STRATEGIES, INC. IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS AS OF 9/30/15.  EHS Strategies worked with product manufacturers to design practical environmental, health, and safety programs based on principles of product responsibility and sustainability.   Integrating EHS life cycle thinking into your product development and management processes will improve performance and allow you to go beyond compliance.


  • EHS Program Strategies

    Successful EHS programs result from cross-functional planning based on the fundamental principles of product stewardship and life cycle management.

  • Compliance

    To become sustainable, you must create a culture of compliance.  Working collaboratively, compliance solutions can be integrated with your existing business processes.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable companies earn higher reputations and increased loyalty and success with internal and external stakeholders — workers, shareholders, customers, and community.

  • Product Stewardship

    Safe management of your product and its life cycle is vital to your sustained success.  With expert guidance, you can practice sound principles of product stewardship.

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