Dr. Greg Bond, a staunch supporter of product stewardship and expert in the science and policies on toxic chemicals, has addressed in impressive detail the half-baked furor against presumed EDCs - endocrine disrupting chemicals - by the gang of 94 here.

I fully agree that these scientists are playing politicians when they demand bans of alleged EDC's because they might be responsible for, well, everything bad from "cancers of the breast, testes, ovaries and prostate, compromised brain development, diabetes, obesity, non-descending testes, malformations of the penis, and poor semen quality" and who knows what else ails you.  They've forgotten what science is about - developing a hypothesis and testing it with data.  They've picked a cause and their sticking to it, regardless of any existing reasonable, scientifically developed supporting data.  They've declared a "crisis" exists and are going to milk it for every research dollar they can wrangle.  Sounds like politics, rather than science to me. (related GMO post on LinkedIn)


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