I’m on the joint committee that developed the following proposed standard on “greener” chemicals and processes.  Our intent is to have a standard that can be used by customers of chemical manufacturers to decide who has the “greener” chemical and process.  This is an information standard and does not weight any of the metrics per se, so no total "green score."  That would be left up to customers. Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

The American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry Institute and NSF International would like to announce the ANSI public comment period has opened for the Greener Chemicals and Processes Information Standard, NSF/GCI 355.  You may view the draft and submit your comments via the link below:

(Please only comment on the most recent version of the draft)

Consider the standard both as a chemical manufacturer who would claim conformance and as a customer who would look at the information on raw materials. (We started with the chemical transformation life cycle stage and hope to extend the concept to upstream extraction and downstream formulation and fabrication later.)  We ask that you provide feedback specifically on the following items:

  1. Chemical Characteristics, section 5 – which are unlikely to have data for most chemicals?
  2. Process Mass Efficiency (PME) calculation – ease of use
  3. Energy derivation and calculation
  4. Inclusion of bio-based input
  5. Inclusion or exclusion of Social Responsibility section 7
  6. Additional guidance you would like to see provided - calculations, examples, reporting format, algorithms for scoring, etc.
  7. Would you use it? If not, why?

The public comment period closes November 16, 2010.


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