I will die someday (so will you).  But it will not be because I had bacon on an occasional hamburger or teeny-tiny amounts of pesticides in the food I bought.  Most likely it will be because I ate too much and exercised too little or drove a car when I no longer have the sight and reflexes to handle it. Regardless, I hope I don't get so addle-brained that I forget the issue is what is the RISK  of doing something?  What is the likelihood that I will experience harm from my normal activities - which don't include talking on a cell phone while driving or eating processed meats 3 times a day every day?  I'm not going to kill myself worrying about hazardous properties (like CANCER) of agents I won't be exposed to at high enough levels to have a significant probability to cause harm.  I do worry about that carcinogen "sunlight" (which contains UV radiation) that I got too much of as a beach-loving teenager and get regular check-ups and minor surgeries as a result.

Read this great blog by David Ropeik:


I like and depend on my cell phone. I want pesticides to keep the bugs and diseases away from my home, food and landscaping.  I want regulations that deal with unreasonable risks - risks that are too big compared to the benefits they provide.  But i don't worry when the risk is very small and the benefits are significant.  Quality of life requires some risk.  I do walk along the beach on sunny days - wearing lots of SPF 30 and a hat.  And bacon tastes sooooo good!

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