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  • EPA has convinced itself it can’t use TSCA to do risk management, even though it has plenty of authority. It just needs to do its homework and do some rulemaking.

  • Flame retardants set for 2013 TSCA focus

  • Draft risk assessments have been announced by EPA under their new Work Plan to begin tackling 83 chemicals. These are open for public comment and will be peer-reviewed. EPA may or may not take action to restrict uses under TSCA after the assessments are completed. In the meantime, the press release says:

    “EPA recommends the public follow product label directions and take precautions that can reduce exposures, such as using the product outside or in an extremely well ventilated area and wearing protective equipment to reduce exposure.”

    – even though the draft risk assessment says there is no concern for ATO and HHCB.

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