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Compliance is a necessary and important part of your company’s overall EHS program.  Some of the many areas for compliance include:

  • TSCA
  • Environmental Marketing Claims
  • Prop 65
  • CAA
  • CWA
  • RCRA
  • Other EU chemical regulations (WEEE/RoHS)

The goal is to integrate EHS compliance solutions into your existing processes and databases. Stand-alone compliance procedures are not sustainable, they should be components of an overall EHS strategy.

Steps Toward Compliance

  • Map

    Map your company’s current business processes.

  • Identify

    Identify strengths and weaknesses in your current compliance programs.

  • Develop

    Develop and implement new processes to fill in gaps and fortify weak points.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) gives the Environmental Protection Agency broad authority over the manufacture, import, use, distribution, and disposal of chemicals to prevent unreasonable risks to health or the environment.



TSCA regulations are complex and violations can be costly -- failure to meet requirements can result in extraordinary fines and/or suspended business operations for months.

Improve TSCA Compliance

  • Evaluate your TSCA compliance program.
  • Identify opportunities for additional coverage or a more streamlined approach.
  • Design customized training programs to build a culture of compliance.
  • Provide compliance support for PMNs, CDR, 8(e), etc.
  • Ongoing regulatory monitoring and consultation to businesses.
  • Reduce noncompliance costs.
  • Enable strategic positioning for EPA, trade associations, NGOs, and legislation.

To begin your journey toward improved compliance programs, visit the Quick Links to TSCA Regulations and EPA Guidance.

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a continually expanding law in the European Union. If you sell product in Europe - whether chemicals or articles - you must know your REACH obligations.


"No Data No Market" is the REACH motto.


REACH obligations are specific to your company and change with your use and volume. Additionally, your company is responsible for knowing updated Substances of Very High Concern and restrictions and understanding revised interpretations of regulations.


The REACH obligations are numerous and complex and violations can be severe.

Improve REACH Compliance

  • Design supplier communication process to determine registration status of your product components and downstream communication requirements.
  • Devise customer inquiry response process.
  • Build compliance maintenance process.
  • Implement training process for continued compliance.

A growing percentage of customers - retail consumers, businesses and governments - seek “green” products. Developers and producers have recognized the trend, and the list of companies and marketing firms boasting “green” products has grown considerably.


The rising interest in environmentally friendly products and systems, however, has been met with legal constraints and customer distrust and wariness of “greenwashing.”


EHS Strategies does not support the exploitation of “green” propaganda. Achieve market recognition for great products and performance with environmental marketing claims that are backed up by responsible practices of product stewardship and sustainability. Build your company’s reputation for sustainability and you will enjoy prolonged relationships with customers based on honesty and trust.

Proper Integration of Environmental Marketing Claims

  • Follow the FTC Green Guides.
  • Understand what your customers needs are for "green" products.
  • Understand how your supply chain affects your ability to make environmental claims.
  • Document how your sustainability programs are achieving goals that have market value.
  • Work with EPA, FTC and state regulators who are designing environmentally preferred purchasing programs.

Other Strategies


Quick Links to TSCA Regulations and EPA Guidance

The TSCA Quick Links table directs you to resources that help you better understand TSCA regulations and avoid confusion. The links in this simple, organized matrix quickly connect you to regulations and on external government sites. LINKS LAST UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2015.

TSCA GuideTSCA Guide for Manufacturers Who Use Chemicals – NO LONGER FOR SALE

The TSCA Guide is an invaluable resource to companies concerned about meeting TSCA compliance standards; including internet links, expert commentary, user-friendly templates, and concise layout, the guide is designed to help companies better understand their compliance risks and easily find guidance to improve performance.

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