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This cross-reference table includes links that conveniently connect you to important regulations resources on the web.  LAST UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2015

  • The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) law
  • The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 40 “Protection of the Environment”
  • Sections 700 – 799 for TSCA regulations
  • Numerous EPA guidances documents

The last two columns refer to information provided in the link-filled TSCA Guide for Manufacturers Who Use Chemicals by Georjean L. Adams. THIS GUIDE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE.


Subject TSCA Section 40 CFR Section EPA Guidance In the TSCA Guide for Manufacturers Who Use Chemicals
TSCA Law Law
Table of Contents
Definitions of terms, who and what is covered by TSCA 3 Within each regulation Broadest definition
is under 8(e)
Are You Covered?
Describing TSCA Chemicals
Commentaries on Who's Covered, Nomenclature, Isolated Intermediates
Testing Chemicals 4 790-799 chemtest Report New Data Commentary on Testing
Pre-manufacturing Notification 5 PMN 720
SNUR 721
Exemption Notices 723
Micororganisms 725
New Chemicals PMN
Forms and Commentaries on R&D, PMN, Exemptions, SNURs
Inventory 8(b) 710 TSCA Inventory The TSCA Inventory Nomenclature Commentary
Reporting Information 8(a) 704 and 712 IUR/CDR 711 Information Collection
Collecting Existing Information
Health & Safety Study Reporting 8(d) 716 Studies Reporting ------
Allegations of Significant Reactions 8(c) 717 Allegations Records Allegations Commentary and Template
Substantial Risk Reporting 8(e) No CFR EPA Guidance Substantial Risk Commentary and Template
Bans 6 745-766 PCB
Bans ------
Import Certification 13 707.20 &
19 CFR 12.118-127
Import Importing Chemicals Commentary
Export Notifications 12(b) 707.60 Export Exporting Commentary and Template
Confidentiality 14 See each rule Typical Substantiation Questions Submitting Information Commentary on Claims
Penalties 15 Varies Policies
TSCA Enforcement Commentary on Inspections, Penalty Matrix
Other Provisions 40 CFR 700-789 TSCA Hotline 202-554-1404 Compliance Basics General Reference Sources

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