More action by Walmart as blogged about before: Walmart has issued the implementation guide for its policy regarding expectation that suppliers substitute sustainable chemistry in several classes of products.  There is a secret list of 10 priority chemicals: “For business reasons, Walmart has elected not to publish the list of Walmart High Priority Chemicals and will inform its suppliers of the presence of Walmart High Priority Chemicals through its partner, The Wercs."

They will come from the standard list of lists of toxics.   Since January 2015, suppliers started providing total composition to Walmart's consultant The Wercs, who will identify if chemicals are on any of the hit lists.  Walmart will report progress on the effort starting in January 2016.

Suppliers are on notice that they have to disclose product composition on line starting January 2015.  Packages will have to disclose priority chemicals in 2018.  In other words, get 'em out.  But Walmart is recommended smart alternative assessments, citing to the The Commons Principles for Alternatives Assessment and programs by EPA's DfE, GreenScreen and others.

Walmart's branded products will apply for EPA's DfE designation.

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