Things are moving.  The Senate is predicted to vote on the bill by the end of August and the House in June.  Then onto conference committee reconciliation if it all works out.  I’m still in the not-holding-my-breath mode as Congress is far from predictable.

The Congressional Budget Office says not to worry – the Senate bill 697 may even save the government money (a piddly $8 million) thanks to fees on industry.  CBO predicts industry won’t be hit much – at least in the first 5 years while EPA figures out what to do and tackles only a few chemicals.  CBO ignores what comes after that.  Industry costs could ramp up quickly with the potential for lots of testing orders and the opportunity costs of SNURs (significant new use rules) on everything, not to mention a plethora of new reporting rules and compliance gotchas.

Lawyers and consultants :) will make out like bandits.

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