For those of you who get Chemical and Engineering News, see my letter in the October 19 issue where I commented on an July 27, 2009,   C&EN news item piece "Endocrine Disruptors Drive TSCA Reform" (took 'em long enough).  I voiced my frustration over how little credit EPA gets for its new chemicals review program (PreManufacturingNotice) and that EPA has shot itself in the foot by trying to get all data on all chemicals and then failing to make rational cases for draconian bans for existing chemicals.   Also, EDC's still need more solid science to standardize testing before chemicals are taken off the market.  A lot of research is underway, but a lot feels like witch hunts.  E.g.,  BPA is the culprit for which you can show correlation to [fill in the blank] health effect if you do the test and stats "right."

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