1/21/10   EPA says it won’t allow confidentiality for chemical identity  in substantial risk notices under TSCA 8(e) if the chemical identity appears on the TSCA Inventory.  In general this seems OK, particularly since companies can hide their identity and use information that may be in the notice.  But once in a blue moon there might be legitimate claims.  EPA seems to allow for that by giving the company a chance to prove the claims is valid. See my post on "secret" toxics.

1/6/10  EPA now requires use of an electronic PMN form, phasing in mandatory on line submission over the next two years.

12/30/09   EPA is chucking voluntary initiatives and may revive a proposal to reset the Inventory (see Georjean's comments to EPA here) as they await reintroduction of the Kid Safe Chemicals Act.by Sen. Lautenberg.. Administrator Lisa Jackson released TSCA reform principles.  Not waiting for legislation, EPA posted action plans on phthalates, long-chain perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in products, and short-chain chlorinated paraffins December 30.

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