EPA declassified confidentiality claims in a batch of 42 health and safety studies (mostly 8(e) notices of substantial risk) March 24, 2011, following through on their promise of transparency.

Certainly there are some old claims out there that are no longer valid (many on what was at the time R&D activity that has either gone commercial or died).  And some claims were pretty bogus to begin with.  But the idea of going back and having to re-substantiate the thousands of claims that have been made over the last 35 years - holy cow!  Believe it or not, some of the claims will still be valid (just like the secret ingredients of Coke).

Certainly there is room for improvements in the generic names companies use so categories of studies can be searched more easily.  Or maybe there are some creative ways to allow 3rd party confidentiality disclosure agreements for limited studies, instead of massive fishing expeditions.  See my other blogs on the topic.

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