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  • Nice article in Minneapolis StarTribune: Is sustainability sustainable? by Greg Breining, June 12, 2011.
    I just can’t get comfortable with the term “sustainable.” I’ve blogged about it many times, starting in 2007 with The Meaning of “Sustainable.” Proponents of sustainability seem to be be fantasizing about some utopia that could exist if we just quit consuming so much stuff, having so many babies and begin (return to?) living a subsistence life in blissful contemplation of the wonders of nature. Get real!

  • EPA revealed another set of chemical identities in health and safety studies June 8, 2011, here. I think most of them were “voluntary” by companies, but EPA is claiming some were not.
    Protect what is legitimate and be ready to back up your claim. Provide meaningful generic names. Let it go if you can protect your trade secrets by protecting your company name or if historical information is no longer trade secret. Quit jeopardizing the ability to protect real trade secrets by being lazy and claiming everything confidential.

  • Sen. Lautenberg released the 2011 version of the Safe Chemicals Act for TSCA Reform April 14 here. I’ve blogged about it before and posted a summary pdf here.

    The notable changes I see from last year’s version:

    – References to mixtures and articles have been deleted here and there. No PMNs by new mixture makers. But mixture and article makers with new uses of “existing” chemicals will still have to submit essentially SNUNs (with minimum data set updates) or proof that the use meets the safety standard (if there is one). Mixture and article makers are still “processors” under SCA, so there still needs to be clarification in the bill. Oddly, the new bill drops allegations of adverse effects and information on substantial risk (old 8(c) and (e)) on mixtures.

  • Great article on sustainability “Embracers” vs “Cautious Adopters” by MIT Sloan Management and Boston Group

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