EU Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) was updated with 115 chemicals to be evaluated between now and 2015.  The result of the final review could be do nothing more than currently done to manage risks, collect more information from registrants, placement on the SVHC list, changes in classification and labeling, or restrictions and authorization. Opportunities for comment exist throughout each step.

Four chemicals were determined to have enough data to proceed with the risk management review: ethylene oxide, tributyl phosphate, toluene and TDI.  Risk decisions on those 4 are expected soon. 32 chemicals need more data. The plan is to work through 50 chemical a year.

The CoRAP list is the early warning for future action on chemicals, so be sure to track what's happening and participate in comments if your chemistry is listed.  It may well be the case that adequate restrictions already exist, but member countries doing the assessments need to have supporting information.

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