ECHA has recommended 13 SVHC chemicals to the EU Commission to require authorization for use.  These are not on the final list yet, but be prepared.  Once adopted, manufacturers/importers must apply for and justify continued use that may or may not be granted.

  • Trichloroethylene .
  • Chromium trioxide
  • Acids generated from chromium trioxide and their oligomers (group containing: chromic acid, dichromic acid, oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid)
  • Sodium dichromate
  • Potassium dichromate
  • Ammonium dichromate
  • Potassium chromate
  • Sodium chromate
  • Cobalt(II) sulphate
  • Cobalt dichloride
  • Cobalt(II) dinitrate
  • Cobalt(II) carbonate
  • Cobalt(II) diacetate

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