The new NSF/ANSI 355 – 2011 standard  on Greener Chemicals and Processes Information has been released after a lot of work by a passionate joint committee (including yours truly) from industry, ACS Green Chemistry Institute (the sponsor), EPA, academia, NGOs and NSF.

This is an attempt to provide a vehicle for standardized information for business to business communication about factors that describe "greenness" presented in a way to allow each customer to weight those factors that mean the most for its business.  It's meant to stimulate dialog and greener choices, rather than to generate a "scorecard" per se.

We also think this goes beyond cataloging hazardous properties of chemicals to describe important aspects of the chemical manufacturing process.  This is focused on the first manufacturing stage of the life cycle and is meant to be used by chemical manufacturers and their customers.  Working up the full life cycle will be the next steps.

EHS Strategies, Inc. can help you explore the use of the standard, but does not provide 3rd party certification.

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