EPA wants to spiff up its Design for Environment labeling program for safer chemicals and is soliciting comments on a set of proposed logos here.   They’ll also be holding webinars Aug 4 and 5.

It’s a good program that realistically looks at how product designers can pick SAFER chemicals, rather than focusing solely on the use of so-called "non-hazardous" chemicals.  Every chemical has some risk if you use it in the wrong way.  Plus, EPA recognizes that the products need to work and be at a price people will pay.


They know the program doesn't have the recognition of their Energy Star program

and that the current log is pretty clunky.

My comment: I prefer a combination of B and C2, where the bold letters in B say "Safer Chemicals" rather than "choice."  The house silhouette is not necessarily appropriate for B2B use and, while the statement "safer chemistry criteria" is more descriptive, I fear it will be too small to be read.

What do you think?


7/17/14: the EPA new mosquito and tick repellency graphic is excellent!  Communicates clearly and will really be useful to consumers.

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