The FTC came out blazing on October 29 with a series of enforcement actions against makers of false environmental marketing claims.  About time!

FTC revised its Green Guides a little over a year ago.  It has now issued several advisory materials as well as details on why it’s taking after another batch of companies here.  Check out their 6 Tips for Keeping Your Green Claims Clear

Degradability:  you better be able to prove it is real.

  • Plastics: ECM Biofilms tried selling its products and self-certified the catalyst it uses to others that it would biodegrade in 9 months – 5 years wherever it wound up being disposed.  FTC slammed ECM and two of its customers.  Two other companies claimed different additives they used made their products biodegradable – without the testing to back up the claims.  FTC said not to rely on results of ASTM D5511 testing to support product claims.
  • Paper:  AJM Packaging Corporation got burned twice when it resumed making unsubstantiated claims.  Not only do they have to cease making bad claims, they get a $450,000 fine.

FTC tackled bad VOC claims earlier this year.

EHS Strategies, Inc. can help you review your environmental claims for FTC compliance.

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