EPA is soliciting comments at webinars in February and March on its plan to build an all-encompassing electronic enterprise portal for use by “co-regulators, " the regulated community and the public, as well as taking written comments: http://www2.epa.gov/e-enterprise/e-enterprise-portal

My initial response: WOW!  And Good Luck.  EPA is talking about a massive undertaking for multiple audiences.  Design and maintenance of such a portal is going to be an enormous job.  My guess is EPA will dole out bits and pieces and continually change things for many years to come.  I hope it works, but my guess is they are woefully underestimating the amount of effort involved.  Trying to find pertinent information is really hard now and just when you think you've got it, the agency changes it's urls!  I've tries to keep my TSCA Quick Links up to date and am constantly foiled by changes in links.
My advice:  take bite size pieces and beta test the heck out of it.  For those of you whose information is going to be released to the public - track it like a hawk.  For those of you relying on it for compliance - triple check.  For the public - don't get too excited too quickly and take information with a grain of salt.

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