Very useful guide on how to go about engaging your employees into sustainability and watch the culture change: Toward Engagement 2.0
While these case studies are from companies who “get” sustainability, there are some good suggestions for how to develop sustainability-think for all employees and yield real value for any company at any stage. Lots of resources, too.

I like their approach of encouraging you to tailor programs to what works best for your organization.  Their steps in bold with my spin on what it means.

Permit: Start with a sustainability vision and demonstrate senior management believes it.

Educate & Engage:  Communicate messages to your employees in ways that are meaningful for your organization and types of employees.

Act: Empower and recognize employees to do sustainable things.

Embed: Infiltrate sustainability into your current culture, rather than take the 2x4 approach.

Evaluate: You only know if you are improving if you measure the right things and adapt as necessary.

Every employee needs to do what they do sustainably.  Do they know what that means for your organization and do you help them to succeed?

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