California listened to some of the public comments on their proposed Safer Consumer Product Alternatives regulation (see earlier blog) and simplified it some.  Details can be found here, with 15 days to get in comments.

Jumping through the hoops of Chemicals and Products Under Consideration and preparing a Tier I Alternatives Assessment are gone. Now it will just be proposed and final Chemicals of Concern and Priority Products.  Notification that a Chemical of Concern is in a consumer product also will have less confidential business information.  But there will still be a boatload of work to do Alternatives Assessments on Priority Products.

At least it looks like I can send my sibs Christmas presents as the regulation will fall on manufacturers and retailers and not distributors.  And they clarify that its just consumer products they are worried about not everything. Uh huh.

But DTSC is nervous over the 10's of thousands of products that are going to potentially be on their hit list for review.

Sigh....shouldn't the state be worried about avoiding bankruptcy rather than setting up overwhelming bureaucracy?

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