Nice summary of the state of the California Green Chemistry Initiative:

The Recorder: CA Green Chemistry Law Has Lawyers, Industry on Alert

Hard to believe California can manage this mess without years of litigation.  This isn't just putting as label on that customers will ignore like Prop 65 (although it has caused a lot of substitution activity and its share of NGO lawsuits against companies).  It will mean a load of company work looking for the "right" alternatives based on moving target analyses and potential mischief for government blacklisting of companies and their products.  Not to mention that California is broke and doesn't have the wherewithal to pay bureaucrats to do the reviews required.  A source of exorbitant fees to pay down state debt?

Maybe the state will move slowly on just a couple chemicals of concern and a couple of products to test it out and create a worthwhile process that helps push companies to do better product design.  I just hope it doesn't become a very expensive, pointless game.


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