EPA has withdrawn this final rule as of Dec 14, 2012 - too controversial!


EPA today released a final rule  that requires reporting of "health and safety studies" under TSCA section 8(d) for cadmium and its compounds in consumer products.  This is a little broader than the lead rule that focused on children's products (40 CFR 716.21(a)(8)).

Article Import and Manufacture: The rule applies to manufacturers and importers of cadmium, cadmium compounds or cadmium-containing ARTICLES  that have been, or are reasonably likely to be, incorporated into consumer products if any cadmium has been measured to be present.

"consumer product means any product that is sold or made available to consumers for their use in or around a permanent or temporary household or residence, in or around a school, or in or around recreational areas."

Reportable "studies" appear to have been expanded beyond traditional toxicity and exposure studies to include:

- measurement of cadmium content in a consumer product

- discussion of the function of the cadmium and formulation

- migration from the product studies

The preamble implies the above are reportable as stand-alone data.  That's not the way TSCA 8(d) reads: such data would only e reportable if it were developed as part of an exposure assessment or toxicity study.

As with the standard 8(d) model rule (40 CFR 716), this rule applies to anyone who manufactured or imported cadmium-containing consumer  products in the last 10 years and anyone proposing to do so in the future.

Timing:  The rule is effective 30 days after Federal Register publication unless someone complains, in which case EPA traditionally withdraws the "direct final" rule and publishes a proposed rule for comment.  Expect there to be comment.  Once final, you have 60 days to send in unpublished studies in your possession and 30 days to notify EPA of future studies.

This stems from EPA's work with CPSC to reduce cadmium exposure.

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