EPA released its “Universe of Chemicals” of 10, 000 chemicals that might be targeted for screening tests to determine whether they are endocrine disruptors over the next 5 years (it could have been 87,000). ¬†From the report:

"It is important to emphasize that the identification of this universe of chemicals for potential EDSP screening should neither be interpreted as a list of chemicals that will automatically be screened, nor as a list of chemicals with potential to interfere with endocrine systems of humans or other species."

The report also lays out validation principles that will be used on the screening tools (heavy on computational modeling):

1. a defined endpoint;
2. an unambiguous algorithm;
3. a defined domain of applicability;
4. appropriate measures of goodness-of-fit, robustness and predictivity;
5. a mechanistic interpretation.

and declares external peer review will take place in January 2013.

Pretty ambitious.

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