EPA’s Spring Regulatory 2013 Agenda.  A few interesting TSCA items:

  • Proposal to deny confidentiality for chemical identity in health and safety studies submitted with PMNs and MCANs. Slated for 10/13 publication.
  • Proposal for periodic confidentiality claim re-substantiation 1/14.
  • Predicting release of the 5(b)(4) chemicals of concern list hung up at OMB in October.
  • Proposed SNUR for TDI chemicals in consumer products end of 2013.
  • Proposed SNURs on perfluorochemicals next month and a final SNUR 11/13 on PFCs in carpets.
  • Proposals for broad reporting rules on nanoscale materials – section 8 on current uses and a SNUR for new uses to be issued in August.

Of course, EPA seldom hits the dates in these Agendas.

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