MDI and TDI are the latest chemicals announced for EPA “Action Plans” under TSCA.  The focus will be on these isocyanates used in products where consumers and/or the general public could be exposed to uncured chemical, which could result in dermal and inhalation sensitization and distress.

Plans are to use the various authorities under TSCA to collect information (8(c) and (d)) records of allegations of adverse effects and health studies), require monitoring tests to determine exposure levels (section 4), Significant New Use Rules (section 5(a)(2)), and possibly restrictions (section 6).

These are known workplace toxins with an array of required industrial hygiene protective measures.  Whether they are a public hazard is certainly worthy of exploration and, if necessary, some measure of control.  Certainly TSCA currently offers EPA the authority to explore the issue.  We'll have to watch what EPA does with the information it collects.

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