Time to panic for the Nov 30, 2010 REACH deadline for high volume and very toxic chemicals?  Reports are that there are 9, 000 chemicals expected to have dossiers submitted but only 3, 000 SIEFs.

1.  ECHA has not done well predicting numbers:  30,000 pre-registrations turned into 143,000 and 2.3 million company-chemical reports.

2.  There are 2,400 chemicals listed as covered by "active" SIEFS (Substance Information Exchange Forums) http://echa.europa.eu/sief_en.asp.  That's a long ways from 9,000 and who knows how many in reality?  And just how "active" are they?  SIEFs are terribly complex contractual international organizations.

Surveys are going out now to try to figure out the status.

I wouldn't bet on it happening as scheduled.

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