Nearly everyone agrees that climate change is real and we need to do something about it now. Like using less gasoline. Or institute a carbon tax on greenhouse gases. Or make utilities use renewable energy. But whatever you do, don't raise the price to fill my gas tank! Don't raise my utility rates! Don't make the products I buy more expensive!

Too big a house, too big a car, too many "gotta haves." I was just living the American dream. The government needs to do something. It's not my fault. So don't raise my taxes or mortgage rates or price of gas.

Sustainability is the new Holy Grail. It is fast becoming a religion. The new moral imperative. Write more laws - to make the other guy pay. But don't expect me to sacrifice or buy less stuff or go fewer places. OK, I'll throw a couple bucks into the collection plate: I'll buy something with a green label (whatever it means) or buy a tree (if it doesn't cost too much) - but don't interfere with my life. I can't be held responsible.

The Tragedy of the Commons continues....

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