California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control has released it’s draft work plan for which products it will tackle in the next three years.  They claim to try to tackle 5 – 10 chemical-product combinations per year.  Huge categories of potential priority products and many chemicals are listed:

Beauty, Personal Care and Hygiene - Aldehydes, formaldehyde; alkyl phenols and ethoxylates; azo dyes, coal tars, lead, and lead acetate; phthalates; triclosan; toluene

Building Products - Brominated or chlorinated organic compounds, organophosphates; isocyanates; metals, such as Chromium VI; perfluorinated compounds; phthalates; formaldehyde, n-hexane, n-methyl pyrrolidone, toluene

Cleaning Products - Alkyl phenol and ethyoxylates; hydrogen fluoride; phthalates; triclosan; volatile organic compounds, such as n-hexane, methyl ethyl ketone, n-methyl pyrrolidone, toluene, and xylene

Clothing - alkyl phenols and ethoxylates, aromatic amines and azo dyes, chlorinated paraffins, halogenated compounds, perfluorchemicals, organophosphates, formaldehyde, phthalates and triclosan

Household/Office Furniture and Furnishings - Brominated or chlorinated organic compounds, organophosphates; perfluorinated compounds

Office Machinery (consumables like inks and toners) - Azo dyes; bisphenols; phthalates; volatile organic compounds, such as benzaldehyde, hexanol, toluene, and xylene

Fishing and Angling Products - metals (heavy, I assume)

California is no doubt hoping substitutions will begin for these numerous chemicals,sooner rather than later.

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